Our Team

Josh Filgate is a 15th generation new englander, engineer, dreamer, musician, and problem solving ninja. When he’s not in his shop, you’ll probably find him side by side with his wife Sarah, tucked into a wooded trail somewhere on a snowboard or a bike, or maybe in a local coffee shop with his laptop open and with a CAD image on one side of the screen and some crazy spreadsheet on the other.


Jesse Kuhn is one part engineer, one part craftsmen, and one part conjurer of all things prototyping. He brings his detail oriented, hands-on, and practical approach to the design and fabrication processes. As an avid snowboarder, mountain biker, and hiker, you’ll usually find him buried deep in the mountains of the northeast with his wife Lainey and their two dogs, Roobie and Wilbur.

Josh and Jesse met in college through the cycling team at Northeastern University in Boston. After a few years of studying during the week and heading to the mountains on weekends, they graduated with engineering degrees, a design award for their senior project, and a patent for a sequential planetary stack transmission system (and if that didn’t sound like engineering gibberish to you, you should check out their patent here).

After spending a few years working for different product development companies in the Boston area, they decided to team back up. Armed with some engineering experience, a dream, and some potentially diagnosable obsessive tendencies, they built a snowboard prototyping and manufacturing shop from the ground up. Complete with a full wood working setup, an 18 Ton heated snowboard press, a CNC router, a CNC mini mill, and a pile of other gizmos and gadgets, the F&K custom snowboard shop is, like its owners, ready to rip.


Our Mission

You won’t find any marketing "dribble" or "technobabble" here, just really well designed and constructed boards. We’d rather hit the shop and figure out how to make some crazy thing than sit down and spend one minute on marketing. We use some of the most cutting edge techniques in the industry and we’re always down to push the envelope. Truthfully, it’s just in our DNA; it’s how we’re built.  As engineers and craftsmen, we love making boards as much as you love riding them. We have no intention of ever getting big, moving manufacturing overseas, or selling out. You keep riding snowboards, and we’ll keep building them the best we know how. We promise.